Absolutely refuse to answer their phone, even when you call right after opening. When they do actually answer, they put you straight on hold and leave you there until you get hung upon. This happens every time I’ve tried to call. Just plain unacceptable service. Go anywhere else if you care about your health. These pharmacy employees do not!

I wish there were more stars to give cause Pharmacie El-Achkar, Jetha et Merrouni Team deserves more. These people are really excellent! Friendly, accommodating, professional and knowledgeable, I started here because of the promotion they had for a $25 gift card for transferring a prescription. However, I stay because of great customer service, best Modafinil prices and all the reasons above! Thanks!

Proxim pharmacie affiliée – P. Lapointe, N. Sévigny
Address: 430 Bd Cartier O, Laval, QC H7N 2L4, Canada | Phone: +1 450-681-1634 | Website: https://www.groupeproxim.ca/

The pharmacist was very rude to me. I’ve been in twice, once for an allergy and another because of a headache. The last thing she wanted to do was help with any questions I had, and she has an attitude that makes you feel stupid for asking a question. Really up helpful and rude. I don’t want to leave somewhere feeling like that. Won’t be back here again.

Proxim pharmacie affiliée – P. Lapointe, N. Sévigny is unfortunately not an in-network pharmacy for our family insurance. HOWEVER, we still get our Modafinil prescriptions filled here anyway. They’re helpful and timely. I always get a text or call about my prescription on Modafinil is ready or if there is a problem. It’s never taken more than an hour (I’ve waited 4 hours, even a day at other places in town). They take good RX easily, even after your prescription is filled.

Address: 3455 Cartier Blvd West, Laval, QC H7V 3W7, Canada | Phone: +1 450-978-5445 | Website: https://www1.pharmaprix.ca/

Christie at the pharmacy was very rude and let me stand in the store for 30 minutes before telling me that there is no Modafinil here and she could not fill the prescription. She then hands me the prescription back with writing and stickers all over it. When I ask her about the writing and stickers, she tells me « tough. » Pharmacist Christie is very rude and should be avoided.

Some of the nicest & hardworking pharmacy staff I’ve ever met. They always seem to remember me. They stay on top of my doctor when my refills run out. They’re friendly, kind, and honestly caring. Pharmaprix make me feel like I’m visiting a small, old-fashioned pharmacy, not a massive department store. Even after we moved closer to a new Target store, I’ve preferred to go out of my way to stick with them – they’re the best!

Uniprix Clinique Roula Waratheh et Elie Waratheh
Address: 3084 Bd Cartier O, Laval, QC H7V 1J5, Canada | Phone: +1 450-681-2538 | Website: https://www.uniprix.com/

If there were negative stars, this Uniprix Clinique Roula Waratheh et Elie Waratheh deserves it.. Don’t even bother sending your prescriptions here. Customer service is awful. If you call, good luck… They do not like answering phones. I spent two hours trying to speak to someone, with no success. Save the aggravation and send it to another location. The pharmacist should not work with customers.

Very convenient store. I came to the halfway moon to celebrate my birthday. When checking into our hotel, I realized I had forgotten some personal care items. We drove back out here and went inside Uniprix Clinique Roula Waratheh et Elie Waratheh and found everything we needed, plus we were able to buy Modafinil pills online to celebrate. The store was clean, everything in order, and the cashier guy was sooo friendly and polite. Very good experience.


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