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Pharmacie A. Anagnostopoulos
Address: 4363 Boulevard Saint-Martin O, Laval, QC H7T 1C5, Canada | Phone: +1 450-682-2626 | Website:

Jaclyn, pharma tech, was without a doubt the most unpleasant person I’ve spoken to in the last year or so. Did not ask me if I needed help or even say hi. « What do you want » and proceeded to tell me the prescription I knew was ready was not. After sending me to another window and waiting in line for 15 minutes, Johnathan confirmed to me it was, in fact, ready. I also overheard her phone conversation with another customer « we’re out of that refill. That’s what I SAID. » I understand tensions are high right now, and I dearly hope her customer service voice is simply worn through. Otherwise, this woman should not have a job.

Nice friendly ppl. Never long lines. The pharmacist and techs were great. Another thing I love about Pharmacie A. Anagnostopoulos, in general, is that it is a policy that all employees know basic first aid and are trained to notice if anyone looks « off » or shows signs of heart attacks, strokes, and in my case, anaphylaxis.

Address: 965 Bd du Curé-Labelle, Laval, QC H7V 2V7, Canada | Phone: +1 450-681-1683 | Website:

I had an infection on my hand that grew to the size of a golf ball over a day and a half. I went to the urgent care, and they faxed my prescription to Pharmaprix. It took me 2 days to get down there, and they still didn’t have it ready. That Pharmaprix is a joke. More specifically, the pharmacy tech there named « Aaron » has no customer service skills whatsoever. He didn’t communicate anything at all and seemed to only know how to give a blank stare and shrug his shoulders. How do people like that keep their jobs? EDIT: When I was finally able to pick it up, the experience wasn’t so bad. « Helen » helped me pick up, and she was awesome.

Received my vaccine here on Sunday. The pharmacist there, Kyu, was excellent. Not only did he do a great job giving me the shot, but despite being the only person there during what seemed like a very busy day with endless customers lining up at the pharmacy, he was very courteous and kind to everyone. A very pleasant experience.

Proxim pharmacie affiliée – Nermine Wanis
Address: 943 Bd de l’Hôtel-de-Ville, Laval, QC H7X 2K9, Canada | Phone: +1 450-314-2499 | Website:

They filled the script on Stromectol and put it in the tray to give to me in the pick-up line, and it blew away. I never even touched it. I asked for help to try and find it in the parking lot, and they said there was no one available to help. I Spent 15 minutes looking and finally gave up. Very poor system. I Asked for a manager, and there were not any managers there. This was on Saturday at 10 am in the morning!!! I Asked for a manager to call me, and I am still waiting. Someone did call and say sorry ??? but I am not convinced. I will not fill RX at this location again. Would they have helped if Stromectol had been a controlled substance???

I love this Proxim pharmacie affiliée – Nermine Wanis! Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. Most of the employees know me by name when I pull up to the window, which blows my mind with how many people they must-see, and sometimes it’s months at a time between visits for me! I won’t go anywhere else. Thank you for being so wonderful!

Address: 405 Boulevard des Laurentides, Laval, Quebec H7G 2T9, Canada | Phone: +1 450-663-9160 | Website:

The pharmacy is a mess, none of them know what they’re doing, and for whatever reason, they cant refill Stromectol prescriptions that are on auto-refill. There is always a line. There is a line for the drive-thru, and then they won’t have your prescription ready for you. Not to mention the woman who runs the drive-thru for some reason can’t understand English very well and makes you repeat your information 5 times every time you go. I’ve tried to stay a customer but will be switching to a home delivery instead of having to deal with the incompetence of this pharmacy.

I love, love Pharmacie. If you can’t find ‘the right something’ for someone, go there. You will. A quilter’s holiday place, best cherry coke in town not to mention the milkshakes. And the people that serve you, real people with real lives and always a smile. I wish we had one closer to us.


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